Ballpark: (n) a baseball stadium or field.Dictionary B

I’ve only been to one baseball game.

What is strange about that statement is how much I really enjoyed the experience.

The whole endeavor occurred because I was looking for a cheap way to entertain my children without spending an arm and a leg at an amusement park. A friend gave me some free tickets to a minor league baseball game and I thought I could give my kids a new experience, and they would think I was spending a lot of money, and I would be Dad-of-the-Year–for at least a day.

Little did I know what glorious pageantry and procedure goes into the whole process of preparing for one of these games. The field was beautiful, the grass was green, the baselines were white and clean and the players were dressed in elaborate costumes.

Unfortunately, because the game moved so slowly, my children started to get bored, so I resorted to using the refreshment stand as a means of uplifting them.

Therefore, the odyssey to the ballpark to see the game ended up costing me $35 in snacks.

So I never returned again–not because the extravaganza lacked impact. No, it was absolutely magnificent.

It was because I just couldn’t afford the free tickets.

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