al Qaeda

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al Qaeda: (n.) a militant Islamic fundamentalist group, founded in the late 1980’s to combat the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Certain words, when spoken aloud, evoke a nasty trail of thoughts in the brain and a bad taste in the mouth.

Such is al Qaeda.

We certainly don’t like them. Matter of fact, it would be downright un-American to concede a single point of value to such a militant, religiously intolerant group of fanatics.

Yet I have to ask myself, what causes them to go from being a conglomeration of human beings who claim a belief in God, to becoming an angry mob, organizing themselves to wreak havoc on the infidel?

I’m not suggesting that we have mercy for al Qaeda, but rather, proposing that if we truly want to be against such judmentalism, that the best way we can purge the earth of their sort is to cleanse our own souls of the stupidities that lie within us which have any resemblance to their destructive system.

What do I know about al Qaeda?

1. They’re sure they’re right.

Can I get rid of that in me? Can I maintain enough uncertainty that I am still a vessel of learning instead of a creature intent on burning?

2. They believe they know God’s will.

I would like to escape that. Honestly, I’m more interested in God’s heart than in His will. I want to know why He created people and sitll loves them, so that I can be creative and loving myself.

3. They believe the end justifies the means.

“If the world is eventually Islamic, what’s the harm in killing off a bunch of people in order to achieve that goal?”

Dear God, take that kind of foolishness away from my thinking. Let me realize that everything in life is about the means, and the ends will probably not be known until long after I’m gone.

4. They think some people are better than others.

The only worthwhile quest left in my life? To spiritually dismantle any notion of my own superiority. No one is better than anyone else.

It is not sufficient to be angry at al Qaeda. We must remove all the seeds from our own soul … those seeds that grow the weeds of such perversion in our own lives.


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