dictionary with letter A

Arouse: (v) to evoke or awaken a feeling, emotion or response

Yeah, right.

Every writer must realize that certain words have been corralled–set aside to go with only corresponding ideas.

  • I am allowed to say, “This problem aroused my suspicions.”
  • I can also say, “The beautiful woman aroused my libido.”
  • But it’s rather doubtful that I can say, “The article in the newspaper aroused my yearning to study more.”

Unfortunately, arousal is only permitted in the human expression when we’re freaked out or turned on.

It is the expression of an extreme emotion, and when inserted in any other way, produces either confusion from the common reader or a giggle from the grammarian.

Is it unfortunate?

I don’t know.

There are enough things to be upset about in life, that today … I just don’t choose to arouse my passions for this particular cause.


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