Arrival: (n) the action or process of arriving. dictionary with letter A

I was part of an invigorating discussion.

Although I think many times in our society we consider conversation to be a necessary evil, it is often the way in which we flush out foul-sounding ideas from our brain and have them cleansed in righteousness through debate.

No wonder people avoid it.

But the essence of this particular discourse was the pursuit of discovering what is causing the racial backlash, the “wars and rumors of wars,” the terrorism and the sense of disgruntled feelings among the populous.

Pretty deep.

But in the process of unfolding different theories, one concept leapt to the forefront: we, as human beings, are still waiting for the arrival of equality between men and women.

After all, every country that has racial tension also has an archaic approach to accepting women as equals.

Every nation sprouting terrorism also walks in a climate of misogyny.

If we cannot get fifty percent of the population to find joy, understanding and communication with the other fifty percent of the population, how could we ever think we could get eighty-seven percent of the other races to be accepting of thirteen percent of black people?

We are waiting for the arrival of intelligence, and meanwhile trying to take minor issues and portray them as major problems.

  • Racism is not our greatest conflict.
  • Terrorism is not the ultimate threat.
  • Religious intolerance will not destroy the world.

The world will tip over and fall because we have convinced ourselves that men and women were never meant to get along.

I am waiting for the arrival of common sense which tells us that if we’re good enough to enjoy each other in the bedroom, we’re certainly good enough to talk as equals in the boardroom.

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