Artful: (adj) showing creative skill or tastedictionary with letter A

Make me think or feel something that I haven’t thought or felt before.

That’s art.

I am a little afraid that we have entered a period of time when we are becoming “the artful dodger.”

Because we think it takes more time to come up with a clever idea, we try to convince ourselves that old ideas–or silly presentations–are equally as acceptable. I can’t even imagine how certain quotations would be communicated in today’s language.

  • “All men are created equal” might become “we are the same.”
  • The Lord’s Prayer would be broken down to, “Listen. Here’s what I want.”
  • And Lincoln’s famous “the angels of our better selves” would be simplified to “show up or blow up.”

What is lost in the translation is the wording that stirs us to change.

I don’t think you have a civil rights movement in America without the three-word slogan, “We Shall Overcome.” After all, taking a magic marker and writing “It Ain’t Fair” on poster board is not nearly as artful.

I am convinced that the perfect way to live life is taking the poetry of history, the sense of our times and the hope for a better tomorrow and blending them into a lifestyle and a way of speaking that produces enough eloquence to get us to stop being bull-headed and consider better ways.

After all, if Jesus came to the earth today and said, “Consider the lily,” we would find his language much too flowery.


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