Arterior: (adj) nearer to the back, especially situated near the back of the body or to the rear.dictionary with letter A

I did not know this word.

Candidly, there are many words I write about that I did not know the definition for until I went through the exercise of reading about their verbal personality.

But this definition immediately popped a piece of philosophy in mind, that I adhere to all the time, even though others might find it counter-productive.

It is a spiritual principle which has great emotional application in the practical world: “Take the arterior seat.”


  • Sit in the back.
  • Don’t push so hard.
  • Don’t thrust yourself forward.

The truth is, the squeaky wheel gets the grease once and then is replaced with a new tire. We are fatigued of those who are self-promoting, only to discover that in most cases they have too much “self” and not that much to promote.

When the Good Book tells us to take the lower seat, the writings do not stop there, making us believe that we just did this to be humble. No, it is very clear that the reason we take this arterior seat is so we can be called up by the desire of other people instead of the strength of our own ego.

It is also a warning–if you place yourself too high on the totem pole, somebody more worthy comes along and bumps you down.

It explains that the greatest danger in life is humiliation–not being ignored–humiliation by being forced to a lower seat instead of choosing one for ourselves.

I have worked this principle so many times that I can boldly guarantee it to you.

It’s not so much that pride goes before the fall. It’s more like pride is the fall that leaves us suspended in mid-air, unable to gain any footing.


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