Artifact: (n) an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.dictionary with letter A

Can it be an artifact if nobody’s interested in it?

As a writer, performer and general journeyman in the human stream of consciousness, I often become so self-absorbed with the value of my work and message that I fail to recognize whether it has any intrinsic worth.

I had a dream last night where I was confronted by my own inadequacy. I realize that some people would think that was a nightmare, but it was so enriching to my soul that I nearly wept.

The message in this night vision was simple: “You’re not as good as you think you are.”

Even though this revelation might make some people disconsolate or tear at the very fiber of their being, I found it relieving.

I’ve always had a deep sense of purpose in what I do, thinking that every drop of sweat that careens from my talent and drips to the earth needs to be infused with inspiration.

What a crock.

I am mortal–and therefore destined to die, but granted, in the meantime, an opportunity to leave behind some artifacts of my feelings, beliefs and attitudes. I know these will need to be sifted by future travelers, who will evaluate my work based on the current trends.

In other words, some things are going to last because they should and some things are going to pass away because likewise, they’re meant for the trash.

I am not discouraged by this.

I want my life to be an artifact. If people decide to reject my craft, I still want them to say, “But you know, he was a pretty cool, content guy.”

For when all the artifacts are collected, human beings still want to put a face on blessing.

I just want to make sure my face is sparkling with a countenance of joy.


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