Asinine: (adj) extremely stupid or foolish.dictionary with letter A

I’ve even see an “ass-i-eight.”

I’ve seen it go down as low as “ass-i-one.”

The ability to make an ass out of oneself, or to do it as a congregation, group or club, is not only common but fairly simple. To achieve this asinine condition, all one has to do is ignore the following concepts:

1. What I’m saying has to have truth, viability, history, science and awareness.

Once you ignore that idea, you can pretty much guarantee that the next thing out of your mouth, or your next action, will be asinine.

2. I should be concerned about how my actions and words will affect others.

If you can eschew this logic, you can dismantle powerful ideas and people’s emotions without ever worrying about it arriving safe and sound–at asinine.

3. There probably will be a tomorrow, so I should be a little concerned about today’s activities, because they will carry over.

Yes, once you’ve conditioned yourself to believe that “tomorrow will take care of itself,” what you do today can be haphazard and careless–and undoubtedly provide you with the embrace of the asinine.

Being asinine is the abandonment of any notion of caution or concern. After all, “it’s my life.”

Why should I involve you or any particular code in my consideration?

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Thank you for enjoying Words from Dic(tionary) —  J.R. Practix


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