At: (prep) expressing location or time of an eventdictionary with letter A

It is the most important step of maturing–and I don’t mean that as an overwrought assessment.

I have spent my entire life trying to learn where to be at. (And that includes overcoming my fear of ending in a preposition.)

At is everything.

90% of our wasted energy is ending up in the wrong place with the passion to do the right thing.

We get confused by at:

We try to follow the beckoning of a society which has learned how to scream without using reason.

We try to follow the trends of fashion, only to end up with a closet of quickly outdated threads.

Finding out where to be at is allowing yourself the silence of consideration and the patience of timing.

I am of a great conviction that I am exactly at where I should be. Many of my friends would disagree. Their inclination would be that I should increase my intensity or give in to aging.

  • At is more than a location.
  • At is more than timing.
  • At is much more than a state of being.

At is the gift provided for the observant soul who is willing to adjust locales and cross time zones … in order to achieve better results.

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