Atom: (n) the basic unit of a chemical element.dictionary with letter A

How many atoms, conglomerated together, are necessary to create visibility to the human eye?

I don’t know the answer to that.

I suppose I could look it up, but a combination of indifference and laziness seems to be preventing me.

But when you consider the power that exists in one invisible atom, which unleashed, can destroy millions and millions of visible objects, it not only boggles the mind, but alerts the brain to the beauty and potential that has been entwined into the natural order.

I can’t even imagine how many atoms form my bulbous being. The number would have so many zeroes that it would probably carry over to fifteen or twenty lines. So I find myself with all this atomic energy available to me, but rather than splitting the atom, to become explosive, I scatter my efforts and split my attention among too many meaningless pieces of drivel.

For after all, we can sing many songs about being powerful, but eventually some energy needs to pop. Otherwise, we become a laughingstock to ourselves and an enigma to the world around us.

Yesterday a friend asked me what I was working on. I think she was surprised when I replied, “Me.”

Because if I can get my massive accumulation of atoms into an understandable formula, I just might be prepared to provide the nuclear energy … to light up the world.


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