Attach: (v) to join or to attribute much value to.dictionary with letter A

I had just finished up sharing at a book convention.

I was sitting quietly by myself, listening. I like to do that.

After speaking for a brief season, I feel it is my responsibility to shut up and let information come my way instead of streaming out of me.

Not far from me, two men were having a conversation. Actually, one man was talking and the other man found himself inundated with lots of opinions. The talker was expressing concern about the deterioration of the U. S. government and the dangers of the coming “New World Order.”

He was reciting his data.

Do you know what I mean? In other words, it was a meticulous collection of syllables, forming words and phrases he had overheard and was now passing along as if they were part of Holy Writ.

The other man, in the receiver position, was trying very hard to be polite around this yapping friend. I thought it was a very interesting profile for this evangelistic doomsayer to take after he had just left an atmosphere filled with creative ideas, new books and exciting storylines.

I knew better than to offer an opinion.

This man was attached.

Just like the beautiful girls in high school who were already dating the football players, I was fully aware that this man was unavailable. He had married himself to an emotional and psychological encounter with another. Perhaps the relationship he was in was abusive or limited, but I wasn’t going to be able to seduce him away from this lover. He was attached.

I merely sat quietly and thought to myself, “Please be intelligent. Stay unattached so you’re accessible and not committed to too many causes that are destined to go the way of the 8-track tape.”

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