Barrage: (n) a concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area.Dictionary B

I have lived long enough that the term “pacifist” has become a dirty word.

How amazing.

It used to be honorable. Even though we considered it to be optimistic, those who held that position were given the regard due them for selecting an anti-war profile.

I have two problems with war.

First of all, it kills people. I guess that’s pretty self-explanatory.

But the second thing I have against war is more hidden and deceptive. War creates destruction while seeming to be honorable.

To me, that is the description of the mission statement of hell.

We need to realize that when guns are fired, bullets are expelled and therefore, human beings are put in jeopardy. Is it possible for us to dislike other folks so much that we want to mutilate them, or at least place them in a barrage, with an ongoing state of terror?

I have never had a gun fired at me. But even having a gun fired near me can be a soul-rattling experience.

What is it like to hear airplanes overhead, fully aware that they are going to bomb you and that your selected place of hiding may very well be insufficient?

Is war necessary?

I really don’t think that’s the question. That’s like somebody explaining why they double-park. It makes complete sense to them in the moment, and the disregard they have for others is righteously overcome by their personal need.

War needs to be avoided–or at the very least, never rationalized.

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