Batman: (n) A comic strip character that first appeared in 1939.Dictionary B

I have never been much of a follower of superheroes.

I think I’m adverse to the concept–the whole notion that people become superheros because they’re been granted powers. Therefore it is expected of them that they do extraordinary things since they possess inordinate abilities.

I guess that means that all of us slouches are supposed to stand back in awe as the superhero flies through the air, bends steel bars or, I guess even scores touchdowns.

I just don’t like it.

A superhero is a hero who becomes super.

My first question is, how did he get to become a hero?

I would assume it’s because he did something heroic. Of course, it could be a she. So why did he or she do something heroic?

That’s a simple answer. There was some situation or need that required intervention.

So why do these superheroes intervene? Because they believe that things can be better.

So why do they believe things can be better? Because they haven’t given up on who they are and on the people around them.

So I guess Batman woke up one day and said to himself, “There’s not much I can do, but there is much to be done, so let me start doing something.”

After responding to that same calling for a long time, he found himself in a position to do something unexpected, and when it was achieved, he became a hero.

Then more challenges were sent his way, and rather than rejecting them, he decided to take them on.

And then one day, he was deemed “Super.”

Do I believe there’s a superhero inside every one of us?

No, I believe there’s a superhero inside people who have not given up on the human race. 

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