Bedlam: (n) a scene of uproar and confusion.Dictionary B

Take a quick look at that definition:

  • Uproar
  • Confusion

I think we might be guilty of believing that uproar is something that befalls us and that confusion is a byproduct of being overwhelmed by evil.

I suppose nowadays we might say the situation in the Middle East is bedlam.

Honestly, it’s not.

It is an uproar that is confusing, but it isn’t an uproar that has befallen us nor a confusion that has overtaken the participating parties.

Every uproar is caused by people who face difficulty and feel the immediate need to react.

And all confusion is the pursuit of a reaction without taking the time to think about the consequences.

For after all, most solutions end up making the situation worse because they are enacted without planning and consideration of the results.

And all confusion is the absence of inviting available facts to merge with our experience.

I have been in the middle of a picnic in a park and had bedlam ensue because some sort of disruption came into the situation and compelled people to react in a state of confusion.

It’s actually easy to avoid bedlam.

Never react until you’re sure you are satisfied and energized by the choice you are making.

And when threatened by confusion sit down for five minutes and retain the quality of your experience–as it relates to your present situation.

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