Been: past participle of be.Dictionary B

  • There is no become without be.
  • And there is no be without been.

Recently, for a very brief moment, I started feeling sorry for myself. I looked at the accumulation of events in my life and realized that I was more famous when I was younger than I am now.

The dreaded term “has been” slipped into my brain and began to stomp around, trying to damage my hopes.

I think it is what troubles many people as they age and reflect back on youthful whim. For after all, opportunity is often granted only to the young. Bluntly, I had more chances come my way when I was a punk kid and didn’t know what to do than I do now, as a more mature, useful vessel.

It’s just the illogical way that our society tries to worship verility and vitality instead of honoring viability.

But the truth of the matter is, the “be” I have become was nurtured in the “been.”

I learned three very important lessons:

1. Doing it once is not enough if you can’t do it again.

For instance, I got signed to record music but didn’t have enough songs to back it up.

2. Integrity is better than money.

Money, without integrity, skips down the road very quickly. Integrity has the potential of keeping money and also welcoming more loot.

3. Nothing is terminal until you’re dead.

I let too many relationships, friendships, covenants, promises and disappointments steer my career instead of keeping my eye on the prize.

The “been” has made me a better “be.”

And even as an older “be,” I still might yet tap some “honey.”

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