Blot: (n) a dark mark or stain

Dictionary B

It was a typical piece of white typing paper.

I didn’t even look at it.

I stuck it into the tray of my printer and Xeroxed a copy of some document that seemed pertinent in the moment.

I pulled it out, looked at it, and suddenly saw this tiny black dot in the corner.

I didn’t give it a second thought. Who cares about a blot? Nobody will notice. It doesn’t make any difference.

If I pass it off as a clean sheet of paper, I can probably fool people into believing it’s just fine and there was really no blot there in the first place.

But after ten minutes, I took the paper, wadded it up and threw it away.

Why? Because someone will always see the blot and wonder if I was so stupid I missed it, or so careless that I thought it didn’t matter


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