Blue-collar: (adj) relating to manual work or workersDictionary B 

Backed up traffic.

I mean for miles.

It was a hot day so I turned off the air conditioner in my car so as not to overheat the engine. This required me to roll down the windows. Sitting in my vehicle, I started to sweat.

Since I was moving very slowly and passing workers who were digging, scraping and rolling wheelbarrows of what they collected in and out of the site, I noted that I was perspiring sitting in a car, while they were subjected to the full brunt of sunshine, pursuing extremely strenuous activity without any visible sign of complaint or demanding five-minute breaks every ten minutes.

For some reason, we feel that these workers have diminished their possibilities by not getting enough education to sit in a car in the middle of traffic and watch the blue collars become saturated with perspiration.

I don’t know why we feel the necessity to place special significance on one effort over another.

I have a simple guideline: if I can’t do it, won’t do it or have even chosen to avoid it, when I do see those who accomplish it, I admire them.

In the process of this profile, I have developed a deep and abiding respect for those who are considered manual laborers–who are actually specialists at their craft, continually proving that in their particular arena, they are my superiors.


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