Brisk: (adj) active,fast and energetic

Twice–perhaps three times.

But very infrequently.Dictionary B

There are just a few occasions when I found myself breaking into a run and feeling the air zoom by my face, suddenly propelled to a sensation of briskly passing over the surface of the Earth.

Being a chubby tubby, it is difficult for me to get to that station without extreme motivation.

But I remember one particular moment when I was walking and suddenly had the urge to run. (Once again, unique.)

I think I ran faster than I’ve ever run before.

Probably to the observer, it would have seemed insufficient, but at that juncture, I felt like an Olympic athlete.

It was so refreshing.

It was invigorating.

It was nearly intoxicating.

But as I said, only a limited experience, which has not happened for many years.


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