Brittle: (adj) hard but liable to break or shatter easily

I recently celebrated a birthday, which made me a year older than I was before.

In my youth I never noticed such transitions, assuming I would continue to be indestructible, Dictionary Bwithout blemish (except for acne) and to some degree, eternal.

Now I am of a particular vintage which has gained full body but also must consider itself “old wine.”

You see, I’m still tough as nails–it’s just that I need to avoid the pounding.

I planned an extravagant holiday season with family, and even though I was able to pull it off with much aplomb, I did suffer with a cold, coughing and fatigue as retribution for ignoring the passing years.

Men are so afraid of losing their virility and women their attractiveness–but in our later years we discover that when confronted with the realization of our “brittle,” we should just stop arguing and do the best we can with the strength that remains.


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