Civil Rights

Civil rights: (n) the rights of citizens to equality.

Civil rights: the rights we grant to others to keep things civil.

Hell, that’s foolish.

Who are we to think we grant rights? The notion of one race of people sitting in a chamber, voting on whether another race of people can be
invited to the party is repugnant.

Even though we excoriate the people of India for having a caste system, we just imitate it, but instead, call it “culture.”

Once we delineate cultures, we can quietly forbid certain opportunities to individuals who are found to be poorly colored, poorly dressed, poorly sexualized, poorly gendered, or poorly envisioning God.

It’s vicious, wrapped up in a contention that most people want to be with people “of their own kind.”

So here’s the question: was the world arranged by its Creator for blacks to be in Africa, Asians in the far East, whites in the middle and red natives in the Americas?

And if that’s the case, why are we disrupting it? Were they just segregated that way by their own segregation or fear of travel or that their daughters might be fondled by hands of a different color?

Is the Earth supposed to merge together, mocking the tiny differences that exist among us, to coagulate in unity? Or should we start shipping people back to their designated areas: Return to Sender.

You can’t be American and not grant civil rights.

But you can’t have civil rights until you actually believe that all men and women–and everything in between–were created equal.




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