Damfool: (n) a person who is exceptionally stupid or foolish

I’m not so sure any of us can call another a fool without being in danger of some hellfire.

We aren’t qualified to declare them stupid when we, ourselves, are so apt to slide into that pool of “ick.”

Yet it doesn’t change the fact that people can be stupid.

And foolishness certainly abounds.

I have one little test I like to use which determines whether someone is just human and errant, or if they’re a damfool.

Here it is:

When presented with the obvious error of his or her ways, does he or she repent? Or argue?

And when I say argue, I’m talking about making excuses or insisting there was no other way to accomplish the deed.

For it is accounted in those who wear human skin to be vulnerable.

If we are not going to be willing to admit our flaws and laugh off our feeble attempts, then we are needfully deemed a damfool.

Now if you take that definition and apply it into our present society, you will see those who slip up and own up—and those who have slipped up and blamed others.

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