Correlate: (v) to bring into mutual or reciprocal relation

My eyes popped open as I awoke this morning.

So did my black brother’s in Harlem.

I wanted to roll over and sleep more, even though I had a full eight hours.funny wisdom on words that begin with a C

My sister in China agreed nodded her head in union.

I convinced myself I felt better once I got up and around.

The young man living on the Indian reservation concluded the same.

I was hungry—but picky—and only wanted a certain something or another for breakfast.

A young boy in Mexico told his mother exactly the same thing.

I started my day wanting to be grumpy but realized I wouldn’t be able to get by with it.

My black sister in Chicago, who holds down three part-time jobs, prayed to reach the same position.

My mind was reluctant to do much of anything.

Somewhere in Japan, a young girl said amen.

But once I got going, moving around, my spirit became sweeter.

That’s what the Irish gentleman driving his taxi in New York also decided.

By the end of the day, I had accumulated enough good experiences that I was able to banish the bad experiences from my mind and be grateful that breath was still in my lungs.

On this one, the Eskimo, the Aborigine, the Aussie and the Queen of England concur.

You see?

We correlate.

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Aussie (n. and adj): informal term for Australia or Australian.

It is a phenomenon worth studying.dictionary with letter A

Ever since Crocodile Dundee debuted in America in 1986, the folks of our country have been absolutely enamored by Australians.

  • We’ve eaten shrimp with them down at the “barbie.”
  • We frequently go to the Outback Steakhouse.
  • And we nearly had 40 days of mourning over a young man who got stung and killed by a stingray.

What is our fascination with those we dub Aussies?

May I advance some possibilities?

  1. They have almost an American audacity to proclaim their country a continent. (We don’t even do that.)
  2. They kind of talk British without being sprinkled with fairy dust.
  3. They look like they would wear shorts to work everyday.
  4. Knowing that opera is boring, they made their Sydney Opera House interesting looking.
  5. They have kangaroos. Come on.
  6. Their country has a Wild West feel to it instead of being beleaguered by mini-malls and huge billboards.
  7. Every once in a while they produce a good rock and roll band.
  8. And finally, their winter is in July. (That’s gutsy.)

I think the basic thing that promotes the Aussie appeal is that they have a friendliness instead of a nastiness, even though they appear to be extremely independent.

In our country, if you’re going to be a free-thinker, you normally choose to snarl.

In Australia, you say, “G’day.”


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