Daffy: (adj) silly, weak-minded, crazy

Looney Tunes.

There were four or five years in my life when I lived for them.

As I look back now, I realize how intricately these cartoons were constructed—how much money was put into the music—and also how cruel they truly were.

Very recently, I’ve noticed that there was some hidden racism in the relationship between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Daffy, black, was always trying to keep up with Bugs Bunny, though the rabbit seemed to have a charmed life and Daffy appeared to be born under the sign, “Please hit me.”

It made Daffy very angry.

So enraged was he that he plotted against Bugs—and the notorious bunny innocently looked on, as if he had no idea whatsoever why Daffy was so perturbed.

As a kid, I found myself rooting for the calm, easy-going “what’s up doc?”

On the other hand, I found the black duck to be inept, clumsy, arrogant and mean.

I’m sure that was not the goal of the cartoon makers.

But in an era when racism was rampant—not that different from today—the color distinction between the light gray and white Bugs and the black, almost Southern-talking Daffy, was pronounced, and dare I say, obvious.

On top of that, when you’re given a name like “Daffy,” it’s hard to overcome the profile in a five-and-a-half-minute cartoon.

So, oppressed by color, by the fact he was a duck, and that favoritism seemed to be given to the ever-extolled rabbit, Daffy found himself spending all his time frustrated, unable to get a life and be productive.

I’m always bewildered when someone is angry when another race complains about their status. They say:

“This is America, the land of opportunity–just go out and make a world for yourself.”

But as Daffy will tell you, sometimes that is difficult to do—when the Bunny is unmercifully “Bugs”-ing you.



by J. R. Practix

dictionary with letter AAbandon: v. 1. to give up a course of action, a practice or a way of thinking completely

2. to cease to support or look after; to desert, or to condemn someone or something by ceasing to take an interest in or look after them.

3. (a) to leave a place, typically a building empty or uninhabited with no intention to return; (b) to leave something, typically a vehicle or a vessel, decisively

4. n. complete lack of inhibition or restraint, i.e., phrase “she sang with total abandon”

Well, I can tell you right now–I am in a mood to give up, completely walk away from and to vacate any desire whatsoever to ever use or be part of the name “Don” again.

Yes, I do believe it is time to have a ban on Don.

I don’t like the name. I think it’s because, as a youngster, I was greatly influenced by Looney Tunes. For instance, I also don’t favor the names Bugs, Daffy, Goofy, Porky or even Sam (makes me think of Yosemite). These names are ruined forever and Don is undoubtedly associated with Donald duck.

I just had to work too hard to understand him, and then–when I finally did understand him, he was always saying cranky, cantankerous things which did not add to the plotline of the episode or to my own personal sense of well-being.

It’s unfair, I know. But when I find out that someone is named Don, I only give them about a 63% chance of entering my mind successfully. I’m sure Donald O’Connor is a great actor but he doesn’t even create a blip on my screen. Do I need to comment about Donald Trump?

I also feel greatly put off by Don Juan, who appears to be the kind of guy who would steal your girlfriend, even though he already had seven. Yes, I am in a mood to put a ban on Don and to abandon all mentions of that name or associated pseudonyms.

It’s one of those unrighteous bigotries which I would normally be ashamed to share, but since I am already in the less-acceptable realm of the blogosphere, it seems rather normal to be obtuse.

Perhaps you have names you don’t like. Honestly, Wylie will always be Coyote to me. I hate to admit I am so influenced by my youthful escapades, but as we are what we eat, we probably have all become what was meant to entertain us.

So here’s to a ban on Don.

And may we all learn to abandon all spooks that haunt our past with memories of fearful characters.