Art: (n) the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.dictionary with letter A

Probably one of the more pretentious things a mere mortal can speak aloud is the proclamation: “I am an artist.”

Even though it is said more often than comfortability allows, it is a presumptuous thought. Why?

Well, first of all–art is in the eye of the beholder, not in the mind of the “presumer.” In other words, if someone wants to call me an artist, I can humbly deflect the praise, but blame them for the event.

Even though I have written, recorded, sung, performed and gyrated my talents in many different ways over the years, I daily realize that to create art requires three very distinct purposes, uniting as one:

1. Inspire.

It is my firm belief that art should inspire us. I know this will meet with some disagreement, but I do not think that movies, books and songs which are depressing, fatalistic and portray humanity as worthless are art. They are intriguing diversions for those who are looking for a reason to confirm their depression.

2. Entertaining.

Yes, I think art should make our minds dance with new ideas while either tickling our funny bone or massaging our heart. I will even say that I’ve been entertained by things that have aggravated my emotions.

3. And finally, I think art should make us hunger and thirst.

Preferably, for righteousness, but at least, an appetite should be developed for more than the bland diet that the status quo often offers in the great cafeteria line of life.

I do not want to become disheartened or faithless by peering into the disgruntled by-product of the souls who insist they are artists.

Life is too short to be pissed off … and it is certainly much too brief to spend all of your creative energy merely trying to piss off others.


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Words from Dic(tionary)

dictionary with letter A

Alone: (adj.) having no one else present

I used to dislike being alone.

I was torn between the instinct to entertain myself or motivate the environment around me, to do something important.

As I gradually launched into new projects–composing, writing and sharing with others–I found that my sleep was occasionally interrupted and I would lie on my bed, musing.

At first the intrusion aggravated me, feeling that I had developed some chronic insomnia. But then I realized that I had always told people I believed in a Father in heaven who was my Creator and Friend, and then filled my day to the brim with activities and chores, encompassing my time and absorbing my brain waves.

So it was revealed to me one night as I lay quietly in my bed contemplating my life, that maybe my Friend in heaven was eager to spend time with me when I was alone, and the only occasion I ever gave Him for such an encounter was when I was asleep.

The purpose of being alone is not to be absorbed in your own thoughts or preoccupied with your personal agenda. It is to allow that connection with your Creator to link up with your talent and passions, in order to manufacture new ideas and feelings deep inside you.

So as to avoid losing sleep, I now set aside portions of my day for an appointment with my Friend.