Cheery: (adj) happy and optimistic.

The human race works feverishly to explain why being “cheery” is impractical, while simultaneously pursuing any way possible to be happy.

Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves, is it plausible to be happy without being cheery? Therefore, might “cheery” be a step in welcoming

But in today’s theatrical world, cheery characters are often portrayed as obnoxious assholes, and those who are darkened by doubt and plagued by pessimism are extolled as glorious anti-heroes.

Let me ask a quick question:

When have you ever sat in a room with a Gloomy Gus, walked out, and thought to yourself, “That was time well-spent.”

But in spite of your objections, you probably have been in a room with someone who has tried to look on the bright side, who infected you with a bit of their jubilance.

Humanity is plagued with the notion that the antidotes provided for our sickness and misery are just placebos. We contend that commiserating, bitching, objecting and even cheating are the only ways to grab the brass ring.

Of course, we never consider what the purpose is for the brass ring in the first place. Instead, we make the mistake of imitating our Mom and Dad … as we usher our grouchy parents into retirement.


Thank you for enjoying Words from Dic(tionary) —  J.R. Practix 

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