Bonus: (n) something welcome and often unexpected

“…and if you vote for so-and-so, your life will become better.”Dictionary B

“…if you put twenty dollars a week from your paycheck into the bank, when you turn 65, you’ll have a nest egg.”

And of course:

“…if you believe in God, when you die you’ll go to heaven.”

These are examples of delayed bonuses.

I don’t believe that a bonus is really a benefit if it’s delayed.

The promise of a coming blessing is more aggravating than encouraging. In the meantime, it leaves you with two choices: you can suffer through what you’ve got, reflecting on what’s coming, or you can try to forget about what’s coming and convince yourself that what you’ve got is enough.

Both of these profiles have varying degrees of misery.

I don’t think I could be a spiritual person if I thought the only gift I received from such a relationship with God was eternal life.

First of all, I have no comprehension of life going on forever. Honestly, I don’t even know if I like the idea.

And secondly, I need confirmation that I will receive encouragement, value and opportunity by pursuing eternal life in my present journey.

If there’s too much time for the arrival of the carrot after being poked by the stick, the carrot stops feeling worth it.

In other words, if God’s will can’t be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, it’s just not much of a bonus package.

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