Cornea: (n) the transparent anterior part of the eye covering the iris and the pupil

“All those in favor…”

“The eyes have it.”

They really do. It’s been talked about poetically throughout the generations.funny wisdom on words that begin with a C

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

“The light of the body is the eye.”

“The eyes never lie.”

If all of this is true, aside from correcting my eyesight through glasses or surgery, what can I do to convey to others through my cornea, sincerity?

Nothing. That’s the beauty of the eyes:

  • They cannot be “enlisted” in a plan for deception.
  • They cannot be instructed in devious forms of flitting.

Generally speaking, they give away the intention of the heart long before the lips have a chance to spit out a deceitful explanation.

Yes, the tongue speaks deception; the ears are often deaf.

But the eyes see it all and tell it all.

Perhaps that’s why we don’t like to make eye contact with one another. We know our brothers and sisters on Earth “read” us through those portals.

Yes, it is safer to be downcast or to put on the darkest pair of sunglasses you can find, and keep the world guessing.

Because once you unmask those beautiful peepers, they begin to speak volumes on the contents within.

I don’t know much about the actual cornea, but I do know that it is where we are guaranteed to speak the truth, although all of our other members may be trying to launch a sinful plan.

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Alma Mater

Words from Dic(tionary)

dictionary with letter A

Alma Mater: (n) the school, college or university that one once attended.

Through the years of deep devotion

We will ever loyal be

Love and cherish all our memories

Of our high school days with thee

And the portals we’ll remember

Friends who made our lives sublime

Alma Mater, Alma Mater

Praises be forever thine.

I have no idea why I remember the words to that song from my high school, but I had absolutely no problem conjuring them.

It is a testament to the power of the educational system–its ability to infuse lasting knowledge, and I suppose, insecurities, into its students and victims, respectively.

By the way, we thought it was extraordinarily hilarious to taunt our aging high school English teacher, who penned the words, by telling her that the tune for her verse was borrowed from Hitler’s Nazi Germany list of favs.

Such scamps we were.