Ascertain: (v) to find something out for sure; to make certaindictionary with letter A

It’s about a fifty-fifty split–and I certainly hope I am not being generous with myself.

About half the time, I come to a solution for a difficult situation and am proud of how I handled the circumstances.

The other fifty percent of the time, I am reminded of mistakes I made, quick decisions and opportunity lost.

Obviously, my happiness is based on whether I celebrate my score, or commiserate with myself over my misdeeds.

But I will tell you–my grade card has improved over the years. When I was younger, I became angry with life because it was unwilling to understand my plan and make adequate adjustments. It took me many years to comprehend that life refuses to evolve in my direction, but instead, suggests that I do all the mutation of my plans.

I had to ascertain exactly what makes Planet Earth spin on its axis in the right direction. I will pass along my simple discoveries (which I’m sure you have already attained, so be patient with me.)

1. Very rarely does the predictable work.

Sometimes it seems that Mother Nature is quickly bored with solutions and retires them after one use.

Flexibility, ingenuity and patience are the trio that normally possess the next great idea.

2. A bad attitude is the common way to lose all your altitude.

You’re never going to fly as long as you’re held to the ground by the burden of grouchiness. Life just doesn’t care that you’re upset, so get over it, imitate joy and try to promote a consciousness of good cheer.

3. Listen.

Obviously, you are not the first person who has been through this trial. Find those who have gone before you and most importantly, learn their mistakes. Honestly, there isn’t always an obvious answer made available through listening, but you can certainly eliminate a lot of crap.

If you want to ascertain what will solve your next dilemma, I can recommend these three steps. I will not tell you that people with horrible personalities don’t occasionally stumble into blessing, but I can tell you … blessing avoids them like the plague.


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