Ashen: (adj) (of a person’s face) very pale with shock, fear, or illness.dictionary with letter A

Whatever we plant grows.

I know there may be weeds. Sometimes the seeds don’t sprout quickly. But the truth of the matter is, what is sown eventually does reap.

I’ve been thinking about this.

I have casually made jokes, or even been careless in my speech with my fellow-humans under the guise of being honest or just joking around, never coming to the full comprehension that the little seed I plant is very easily watered and can grow.

A lady came up to me just three months ago and told me that I looked “ashen.” Of course, she couldn’t stop there. She said I should probably go to the doctor to have my liver checked. Actually, all I needed was a good night’s sleep, but the seed was planted.

It was so deeply engrained in my mental earth that when I saw the word “ashen” today, the incident came to my mind. She probably thought she was doing me well by warning me of my pale complexion, but actually she just stirred an insecurity in me which sprouted some overgrowth.

All of us are occasionally going to be foolish in our wording, but when we realize that we’ve planted something inside another person, we should probably take the time to let them know it needs to be extracted.

I just don’t know what good it does for someone to know that they’re ashen–because to run off to a doctor every time one’s pallor goes meek would leave one little time for anything else.



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