Ashore: (adv) on land as opposed to at sea.dictionary with letter A

There is an oblivious arrogance involved in expounding upon ideas of which you have little experience.

Yet if you wait for those who are acclaimed for their journey in a certain area to offer insight, their often mum profiles can leave one ignorant.

So it is our lot as human beings to get most of our data and insight from the offerings of the less-than-professional.

Like me, talking about boats.

  • I’ve never been in the Navy.
  • I haven’t captained a vessel at sea.
  • I have been fishing on a lake in a small craft that floated and had a tiny motor to propel us along.

My purpose for this journey was to fish, not to be a seaman or a conquistador.

Yet today, I will flaunt my knowledge in front of you, drawing parallels to life, stretching my resume of comprehension to the point of breakage.

Why? Because I can–and those who have salt in their veins choose to remain silent.

My memory of being on water in a boat for even a short period of time is how quickly I forgot what it was like to be a “land-lubber.”

What I mean is that I saw terra firma in the distance, but now, I was a creature of the water, and land seemed foreign to me. Matter of fact, as the boat came to shore and it was time for me to disembark and come ashore, there was a sadness in my soul.

How different from just a few hours earlier, when I tentatively and awkwardly put one foot into the boat, nearly tipping the entire floating mechanism over.

Now I had become John Paul Jones, the master of all H2O.

It just makes me realize how quickly we can assimilate into situations if we will deliver ourselves of the demon of bitchiness and just absorb the beauty of our surroundings.

So having completed this brief essay (and admitting that I’ve said very little) I will now close, leave my ocean of thoughts … and come back ashore.


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