Assess: (v) to evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.dictionary with letter A

Long before the truth makes you free, it first makes you mad.

The trouble with the truth is that it rarely is concerned about our self-worth, feelings of comfortability or need to be appreciated.

That is why probably the most difficult thing we can possibly do is assess ourselves.

Some people spend thousands of dollars to be analyzed.

Other folks live in abusive relationships where they are overly criticized simply because they’ve allowed themselves to become so weak and unable to deal with their own fallacies that they allow someone else to brutalize them.

And then, a goodly portion of the human race blithely contends that they “are who the are” and everyone should just accept them.

  • So where’s the balance?
  • Is there a balance?
  • And how many times do we fall over while looking for the balance?

There are three major questions we should quietly ask ourselves at the end of each and every week, and do our darndest to be forthcoming and honest with our answers

  1. Did what I do this week actually work?
  2. Did I hurt anyone while doing what I do?
  3. Are there some obvious ways that it could be done better?

If we would take the opportunity to privately ask these three questions, we would not have to be nearly as defensive when others try to force the questions upon us.

Because I will tell you something from deep in my heart: if who I am today is the best I’m ever going to be, then I give up.

In other words, if I’m not ready to turn this into a journey of discovery instead of a march of independence, I will probably reach the end of my quest quite unfulfilled.

I assess myself: Often I do not like what I see; sometimes I’m surprised at my magnificence.

The balance of those two is what makes me powerful.

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