Azure: (adj) bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky.

Upon looking at today’s word, I immediately knew it had something to do with blue.dictionary with letter A

I knew this because I took two years of high school Spanish. During those lessons, I discovered that “azul” is the Spanish word for” blue.”

I suppose I should feel grateful; gratitude should pour from me because I have some understanding of the terminology of another language.

And the truth is, if I landed in Mexico City, I could share a Spanish greeting of “good day, good afternoon or good evening,” ask them where the local library was or how many pencils they possessed. I also could count from 1 to 30.

If I listened in on a conversation, I could probably identify every forty-third word.

I suppose if I were to decide to pick up the Spanish language for real, my basic rudimentary training might stir some memory cells which have escaped behind my mental burrito.

But aside from that, possessing a little bit of knowledge truly is a dangerous thing. It’s similar to individuals who, when asked if they speak Spanish, hold up their thumb and index finger about an inch apart and reply, with a lame accent, “Poco.”

Which, by the way, means “a little.”

There you go.

I speak a little Spanish … which truly is the definition of a little bit of nothing.


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