Baa: (n) the cry of a sheep or lamb.

Jesus described human beings as sheep.dictionary with letter A

It really was not a compliment.

Of all the attributes of the common sheep, passivity would have to be the best possible option–and even that is not a chosen peacefulness, but rather, an unwillingness to get involved.

Sheep are easily swayed, controlled, pushed, shorn and devoured by wolves.

They like to play the role of the victim–so often they will cry out, “Baa,” to let you know that they have once again brought upon themselves a situation which has placed them at risk.

Jesus also made the point that they get lost easily. It is unlikely that this is caused by wanderlust or an intrigue for finding new turf.

No, it’s mainly because sheep are dumb. For some reason, they get distracted and fail to follow the tail in front of them.

So even though we characterize Jesus of Nazareth as being the benevolent Savior who loved mankind, he was also fully aware of the nature of our personality–the desire to avoid difficulty and therefore actually stumble into more of it.

Is there any way for us to become more enlightened sheep without ending up being horny goats? It’s an interesting proposal–one that would be well worth discussion.

But certainly, there should be adequate warning that since many of our efforts are sheepish, that we should be very careful… that we’re under the guidance of the right shepherd.


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