Beware: (v) to be cautious and alert to the dangers of.

Dictionary BDanger should be dangerous.

We can’t call it “danger” simply because it’s intimidating, ominous, unusual, separate, different or innovative.

When we do that, we become prejudiced instead of prepared.

So what is dangerous?

I think if you broaden your definition of “dangerous” any further than explaining it to be “that which kills you,” then you are certainly communicating your willingness to expand the fear base in your life. In an age when we should be shrinking fear because of the tremendous availability of communication, we seem to be actually increasing our aggravations in order to give us purpose in life or conversation with our fellow scaredy-cats.

Of what should we beware?

I’m certain that discussion would have many hours of implications and derivations. But I think we need to understand that perhaps the greatest thing to beware of in our lives … is the unnecessary need to beware.

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