Brunette: (n) a person, typically a woman, with dark brown hair.

She was always dissatisfied.

I traveled with her for eight years on the road, and frequently sat in a room waiting for her to complete her make-up in preparation for our gig, as she lamented aloud her displeasure over her hair.Dictionary B

Mainly it was the color.

She was stuck somewhere between a light brown and a brunette–where I believe probably millions of men and women find themselves. After all, when you dump all the colors together and blend them, you end up with some sort of brown.

And we are a stirred-up mess.

We are the obvious benefactors of ancestors who contributed a little bit here and there to make us the inspired receptacles that we’ve become.

One day when my friend was particularly angry at her locks, I suggested she go to a hairdresser and find out her options. I was trying to be helpful.

This launched her into a grueling journey of colorations, dyes, highlighting and even just messing with the tips to create essence.

Every time she looked absolutely fabulous (as she did with her natural hair). And every time she was pleased for a brief season, until she looked in the mirror and began to see the ugly brunette again.

Of course, our society does not help with its emphasis on the “theory of blonde.”

She even tried wigs for a while. But no matter what she put on her head or what color she donned, when she looked in the mirror, she only saw the ugly brown-haired girl.

It’s too bad that we live in a world which preaches the power of individualism as we line up faithfully under a sign that reads: One color fits all.


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