Champ: (n) a champion

Winning isn’t everything, but it is the blessing that arrives with free shipping. It is when we know that what we set out to do has merit and the worth is confirmed by appreciation.

I don’t know if you can teach people to be good losers without encouraging them to do so. I don’t know whether the human race will ever be
willing to consider itself a “chimp” or a “chump” instead of a “champ.”

So intensely do we require this affirmation that we make up rewards.

  • “If I can stay awake for another hour, I’m going to get an ice cream sundae.”
  • “If I go to church, we get to go out to Sunday brunch following the service.”

We require applause.

And when either piety, pretense or peculiarity suggests otherwise, we should punch those scoundrels right in the nose.

We were created in God’s image, and we know that our Father says that He wants everything that has breath to praise Him. God wants to be a champ. He’s placed within us the need to be the same.

Now it is time to learn what truly makes us champs.


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