Daisies: (n) plural of daisy—a flower with a yellow disk and white rays

 There are so many things to figure out if you’re a woman.

Without any doubt, a woman has to do everything a man does and have added to her job list overcoming discrimination, motherhood and childbirth.

Don’t they call that overtime?

Also, I left one out:

Flower selection.

As a gal, you must decide what kind of flowers you’ll accept from your male counterpart on those infrequent times when he decides to be warm and fuzzy and bloom affection in your direction.

Someone has told these male strugglers that giving flowers to a woman is a positive thing. Perhaps they should sit down and talk to the ladies to find out if a floral arrangement is really the doorway to their hearts.

I would think that cash and candy would top the list.

But with that in mind, since a girl has to decide how to be a girl in a world where boys think they should, she must make a very important decision on what kind of flower will be associated with her.

Because one night, in an awkward moment, the boyfriend will ask, “Speaking of bowling balls, what’s your favorite flower?”

Choose carefully, my lady.

Check on the website of your local florist shop and see what the going prices are for the available blossoms.

If you choose orchid, your boy pal will be very frustrated, trying to get enough money together to purchase a gang of them.

How about roses?

Roses aren’t expensive if you buy them off the back of a truck that’s been sitting in the hot sun, with stems covered with thorns. But good roses can set you back a pretty penny.

Daffodils are an odd choice—and many florists don’t necessarily offer them in personalized clumps.

You can choose carnations, which is a safe bet, but it makes you look like a bargain-bin princess.

Then…there are daisies.

As long as you don’t ask something weird of them, they’re pretty inexpensive, okay looking, and are easy for a florist to turn into a bouquet.

Yet, if you do decide on daisies, be aware that your guy will think you love them so much that he will buy you appliances, pictures and even sheets decorated with them.


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