Attend: (v) to be present at an event, meeting or functiondictionary with letter A


I know they areĀ initials for some French phrase. I could probably pronounce the words, but wouldn’t have the first idea of how to put them in writing. Basically, it means “please let us know if you’re going to attend.”

I was thinking this morning, as I got up early out of my bed to begin the day, how God produces a daily sunrise as an invitation to attend.

What could be more inviting than bringing light to where there was darkness?

What could be more enticing than a big ball of sunshine beaming across the horizon into your home?

And then, it remains throughout the day–until, as dusk arrives–it sets, welcoming the cool of the evening with a promise of “we’ll try again tomorrow.”

  • I suppose you could curse the morning.
  • Certainly you can “hope” your way through one day, looking forward to another.
  • Perhaps it’s human to take the whole process for granted.

But for me, I just believe the Great Party Giver in the sky uses the daily sun rising as His invitation to come and see, come and enjoy… come and attend.


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Thank you for enjoying Words from Dic(tionary) —Ā  J.R. Practix