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Albany: (n) the capital of New York, in the eastern part of the state, on the western bank of the Hudson River, pop. 93,658.

I think it was about three years ago.

My son and daughter-in-law were looking to make a fresh start in their film career by moving to some area of the country they had not been before, bouncing off of a very successful adventure in our home town.

There were some brief discussions about landing spots, but my daughter-in-law quickly settled for Upper State New York–specifically Albany.

I was familiar with Upper State and summarized to her my experience, using two examples. I told her that Albany offered a pair of possibilities–briefly beautiful in spring and fall, and uncontrollably cold the rest of the time.

They didn’t care.

They popped up to the capital city of the Empire State and within a few weeks were making a brand-new movie, called And See All the People. They took full advantage of an army of new volunteers and made immense, creative use of the gorgeous countryside.

Now in their third year, they’ve established a bit of a dynasty in the region and continue to astound folks with their prowess and determination.

So when I think of Albany, I think of my son and daughter-in-law, and I’m grateful for a world that allows younger folks to take their new-fangled ideas to ancient places and start amazing kingdoms.

It makes you glad to be in America.

For only in this country can we pull up stakes, proclaim our dreams and set them in motion … without fear of too much interference or ridicule.