Belated: (adj) coming or happening later than should have been the case

Dictionary B

“You are not important enough for me to remember your birthday, but I am important enough for you to be overjoyed that I finally sent you a greeting.”

This is belated in a simple explanation.

It is the idea that life is so busy that it’s only natural for us to be forgetful, careless and tardy.

It’s the person who constantly arrives late to a luncheon, saying “sorry,” and then gives a litany of lame excuses for the delay:

  • Lots of traffic.
  • Something came up at the last minute.
  • My GPS screwed up.
  • I thought we were supposed to meet a half an hour later.
  • I got a phone call just as I pulled into the parking lot.
  • Well, I could go on and on with examples, because inconsiderate people never run out of explanations on why they are more important than you are.

We need to remember that forgiveness is not something we can ask for, but rather, something that’s granted.

Our job is to admit we are wrong.

Forgiveness is up to other people to provide to us–out of the kindness and gentleness of their heart.

People who are obsessed with belated greetings are not only trying to justify themselves, but also assuming that we will pardon them… because they are so essential to our well-being.Donate Button

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Words from Dic(tionary)

dictionary with letter AAffable: (adj) friendly, good-natured or easy to talk to e.g. an affable and agreeable companion.

The most important mission for any human being at this hour in history is to fight off, with great ferocity every inclination to join the vast ranks of the perniciously cynical.

To do this, we must begin to believe that it is possible for someone to be affable, joyous, friendly and open, without setting us up to gain a handout or manipulate us into buying something from them that is broken.

What we have begun to call “street wise” or even “prudent” is chock-full of sarcasm or even indifference, which is gradually smothering a dying breed of affable souls.

Getting into an elevator two days ago, I told the gentleman next to me that I was having a good day and hoped that he was, too. What thrust forth from every pore in his being was a combination of fear, sneering, anxiety and resentment towards my overture.

Probably three years ago I would have become angry at being rebuffed for simply being outgoing. But instead, I just became quiet. There is no way to argue with coldness. In so doing, you become frigid yourself.

I will continue to cast my pearls into the marketplace of life, but will certainly follow the advice of to avoid the presence of those who “oink” instead of returning with a “How do you do?”

It is well worth the effort.

“Affable” may be the only way we have to overcome the anger that lies beneath the surface of all the frustrated dreamers.