Bachelor: (n) a man who is not and has never been married.

I was never a bachelor unless you want to count my high school years.Dictionary B

I got married two months short of my nineteenth birthday, placing me in seclusion from the female of the species, at least romantically. So I don’t feel qualified to speak on the ins and outs of this particular station of life.

But I do know that even though I was a married man, moments of bachelorhood occasionally possessed me, seemingly against my will.

I was never involved in pornography, but I did visit a friend’s house, who had a stack of Playboy magazines next to the downstairs toilet. I resisted them for a brief season, only to find myself perusing briefly.

I have also flirted. Flirt is one of those words that has no obvious definition:

  • Some people say they flirt and it ends up being a confession of having a sexual rendezvous.
  • Some people say they flirt because they offered half of their Twix bar to a stranger.

So I’m sure you’re not satisfied with me saying that “I have flirted.” Let me just say that I have met women who have graciously expressed some interest in me, other than creatively, and I have taken a moment to bask in the glory of that radiance.

I have also lusted after women in my heart. I have rather enjoyed that. I have even gone off to a private place to have deeper expression of that heart-lusting.

I don’t know what is sinful and what is permissible. I think it’s good that we don’t know. Because if we did know, we would still push the barriers further toward sin and farther away from righteousness.

Keeping us confused about our missteps is a good way to make sure that we learn how to walk a straight line.


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