Bandwagon: (n) a particular activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular.Dictionary B

Jumping on the bandwagon sounds a little bit too energetic.

I need that bandwagon to stop long enough that I have the chance to check the tires, consider the seating possibilities and make sure I’m fully aware of the itinerary.

This is why I become comically frustrated with the Republicans and Democrats. Often I even change their names to the Repudiators and the Demonstrators.

  • For it seems that the conservative approach to life is an attempt to avoid progress for fear that it will taint tradition.
  • And the liberal insight is the “what the hell, let’s try it”–with no preparation for how this new activity might be counterproductive to the human race.

I do not favor bandwagons.

First of all, having played a musical instrument in my life, doing so on a moving object is much less tuneful.

Secondly, popularity only requires cheering and applauding, not necessarily thinking.

So when the bandwagon comes through town drumming up new business, I always ask myself three quick questions:

  1. Has history already proven that what we’re about to try is stupid?
  2. Is this an attempt to improve us as people, or just excuse our inadequacy?
  3. And finally, is it flexible enough that when parts of it are proven wrong, it will evolve and change instead of dig its heels in, continuing the failure?

When those three questions are asked and satisfied, the bandwagon is well worth jumping upon–or in my case, finding an easy point of entrance … and gingerly climbing aboard.


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