Blaze: (n) a fiercely burning fire.

Dictionary B

There is a consensus in the human species.

All of us desire to be considered forerunners, creative and pioneers. We express this by proclaiming, “Show me the trail and I will blaze away!”

Thus the general misconception.

There is no trail in place. That’s why it has to be blazed.

Yes, things have to be set on fire–and then all of the burned-off foliage must be cleared away to provide a path.

  • We keep waiting for guidance.
  • We keep stalling, hoping obvious conclusions smack us in the face.

And what we see is a forest, which we declare to be trees, not resembling a road.

We play it safe.

In the pursuit of “obvious” we are always robbed of opportunity. For open doors are not really open at all, but merely doors that no one has actually tried.

At present, there are no trails in politics, none in religion, nor in gender relationships.

What we see before us are walls, mountains and intimidating jungles. To turn them into trails will require some blazing.

It will demand individuals dressed in buckskin instead of three-piece suits.

It will take those who use the fire, endure the fire and then remain to progress the cause … after the blaze.


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