Cumudgeon: (n) a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.


Throwing water on the fire of someone’s excitement.

Refusing to discuss an important issue because you find it inappropriate to the surroundings.

Asking people to take off their hat when they visit your church.

Frowning at a young mother in a store because her children are misbehaving.

Failing to respond to “have a nice day.”

Criticizing young people because you do not understand their culture.

Making fun of technology because, somehow or another, you think you were smarter with pencils, paper clips and glue.

Talking about your generation as being superior to another generation.

Refusing to let someone who has two items go ahead of you in the grocery checkout, when you have one thousand.

Acting confused about why young people are “so goddamn horny.”

Telling your mechanic that forty years ago, you got a fuel pump put in your car for eighteen dollars.

Asking the pastor of your church to turn down the PA system and not have guitars during the worship service.

Voting for a candidate you know will keep everything the same because change angers you.

Choosing to go down a different aisle at the department store because people of color are there, and you don’t know how to talk to them.

Yelling at kids because they don’t pick up their toys.

Yelling at the toys that you step on, wishing you could hit the kids.

Claiming that special occasions are not necessary for you because you don’t like all the fuss.

Watching a movie and insisting on talking about another one which you saw thirty years ago.

Sticking your nose up at a new food choice because you think it looks funny or the name sounds foreign.

Seeing old people and assuming they are mean.

There are many ways to be a curmudgeon.

Unfortunately, the list is growing.

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Bad-tempered: (adj) easily annoyed or made angry.Dictionary B

During a teeny, tiny length of time in my journey, I presumptuously decided that I was somewhat qualified to offer counsel to other people.

Yes, I understand how foolish that truly is, but at the time, I found it to be magnanimous and perhaps even beneficial.

One day a gentleman came into my office. (Well, it wasn’t exactly my office. It was a back room where I had placed a desk, barely qualifying it.)

He sat down and told me that his wife and friends demanded that he come to counseling because they claimed he was “bad-tempered.” He looked at me, wide-eyed, with some crimson in his cheeks, and said, “I don’t know where they get the idea that I’m bad-tempered. I just won’t put up with any shit.”

There you go. There is the definition of bad-tempered.

This is why we live in a society which is always on the verge of a snit. It has become the common belief that we are not supposed to “put up with shit.” Even among those who are so prim and proper that they would not use the word shit–they will not tolerate doo-doo.

I would call it the first rule of being a human being: I will certainly need to put up with some shit. It’s what happens next that makes the difference,

  • Do I fight back?
  • Do I object?
  • Do I ignore?
  • Do I side-step the interference and proceed?
  • Do I listen long enough to find out if there’s some constructive criticism?

Yes, the definition of bad-tempered is the notion that we are born to fight back and not put up with shit.

Even our birth should have clued us in on how ridiculous this is: squeezing out of a tiny opening with no air in our lungs, covered in blood and slapped to get us going–that should have told us that this earthly experience will be peppered with some difficulty.


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