Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach: (n) city in NE Florida, a seashore resort

Oblivion can be very powerful if you know how to use it.

Acting stupid is not the same.

But legitimately being unaware or vacant of knowledge can occasionally win you favor in the Universe—and sympathy from those who are baffled by your misunderstanding.

There was a time I was young enough that I should not have been on my own, but old enough that I was allowed to be.

It is the true danger zone of the human journey.

Everything is legal but nothing is necessarily prudent.

I was traveling around at the time with two young ladies, who persisted in believing that we could make great music together—and someday others would confirm it.

We had absolutely no idea what was going on in the world around us. We had some sort of strange amnesia that caused us to think that the Earth was a desert island—and even though there were a multitude of creatures creeping along, we were quite unaware of their presence.

This is the condition we were in the first time we rolled into Daytona Beach, Florida. Unknown to us, we had arrived in town nine days before the Daytona 500 race.

I had a vague recollection that this was some sort of very large event.

With cars.

The young ladies, when told about the Daytona 500, questioned:

“500 what?

We landed during a time that was far enough away from the race itself that there were still lots of motel rooms. But the people renting them were nervous that if we occupied a room, would we get out soon enough that they could triple the price for the racing crowd?

We didn’t care.

We promised we would only stay for two days, and we set out to learn everything we could about Daytona Beach.

The first day, the town was pretty vacant, and the beach was free of obstruction.

We discovered something that was so neat it still makes me grin: you could drive your car on the beach.

So we did—up and down—careful to avoid pedestrians and dogs chasing frisbees.

It was so much fun.

We pulled over, opened up our windows and doors and looked at the ocean until it felt like the huge splash was gazing back at us.

It was so much fun that we actually stayed one day too long. So by the time we left the region, people were everywhere. It looked like they were standing up, stacked together like cordwood.

But we had already enjoyed the town.

We had investigated the beach.

We had perused the ocean.

So we were ready to move on.

Unfortunately, because of the Daytona 500, we had to drive all the way to Fort Myers, Florida, before we were able to get a motel room that didn’t cost everything we had in our pockets and more.

But it was fun. You see, we were young. If we had arrived two days later, we’d have been jammed and unable to get in.

Sometimes God asks Mother Nature not to punish us for being ridiculous.

There’s an old passage that says, “God winks.”

Yes. Because He’s a Father, He sometimes has to understand that we’re just brats. Many of our antics are based on foolishness instead of evil.


Cranny: (n) small, narrow opening in a wall, rock, etc.; a chink

 Some people just get better advertising.

This is also true for words.

And on that occasion when we create a phrase, one of the elements of that thought often gets more attention than the other.

Never was this more evident than in the case of “nook and cranny.”funny wisdom on words that begin with a C

Can you explain to me why “cranny,” which got second billing, is also totally ignored and misunderstood?

We know what a nook is. Matter of fact, we’ve even created one for breakfast.

But do we have a cranny in our home that stands by itself—without the aid of its overbearing nook?

Matter of fact, when the word was brought up to me today I nearly passed over it, thinking it to be so obscure that it was unworthy of my comment—and that it might cause the reader to bustle away, perplexed,  wondering why anyone would tarry to give a passing insight on such a loser.

But would there be “nook” without “cranny?”

Would “nook” have ever gained any attention if it had not hooked up with its traveling partner?

Would people have adopted the phrase, “I searched every nook of the house…” if they also didn’t pursue the “cranny?”

As is often the case in the human journey, it is one that carries the weight, and another which takes the bows.


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Chronic: (adj) (of a problem) long-lasting and difficult to eradicate.

There are several maturity banners that are displayed on our human journey. These are truths which are not always comfortable, but if denied, can put us in a chronic state of misery.

For instance:

  1. Nobody is going to do what you want them to do.

People imitate, they steal, they deny that they got what they have from you–but no one wants to admit that they are not autonomous and require assistance..

  1. The fewer categories you put people in, the better off you are.

When you start delineating by culture, color, sexual orientation and even gender, you get yourself in a horrible, tangled mess of misconceptions.

  1. And a third one is the realization that sometimes the solution is more painful than the problem.

Although we extol the value of solving dilemmas, we can often end up in more red tape, difficulty, struggle and misunderstanding than if we just learn to adjust our temperament and approach to the problem.

For instance, it is rather doubtful that poverty will go away. The more we complain about it and compare our levels of indifference, the less people get fed.

Go someplace where they offer two sandwiches for a decent price. Buy two. Eat one yourself and give one to a hungry person on the street.

You didn’t solve the problem–but you also didn’t trap yourself in a chronic search for an unattainable solution.


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Censor: (v) to examine a book or movie and officially suppress unacceptable parts of it.

The human race is completely devoid of any cohesive code of behavior. This is why we hire people to censor everyday life, trying to bring it into a pleasing mode of operation.

Yet even though various commandments and ethical standards are touted from generation to generation, they are systematically either
ignored or replaced.

So I have decided what is valuable and truthful for my life. The reason? Many things I hold dear have been left for dead as arcane concepts or old-fashioned ideals.

Every time we carve out principles in stone, there are those who come with a sledge hammer and smash them to powder.

The whole thing would seem very bleak, and perhaps even sinister, unless you possessed the wisdom to understand that when it comes to morality, spirituality, ethics and values, each one of us takes a journey of our own, gathering what we hold dear and reaping the rewards for inspired behavior.

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Box Office

Box office: (n) a place at a theater or other arts establishment where tickets are bought or reserved.

In the midst of my human journey, which I’m sure some people would consider a cavalcade of bizarre experiments and perpetual oddities, I, for a season, wrote screenplays, which were produced into low-budget, independent films, and showcased at festivals.Dictionary B

On top of that, we had a premiere of each film, which could be viewed by all of the participants, actors and family members, so they could “ooh and aah” over their participation (and also confirm that the camera really does put ten pounds on you).

I was in Michigan and they were shooting my script entitled “Wonderful,” which was a tipping of the hat to the Capra film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” when it was determined that we would rent a big metroplex theater for our premiere.

It was a bold move.

The place seated about 300 people, and we had no reason to believe that such a multitude would be willing to come and see our little endeavor.

I vividly recall sitting in the parking lot, staring at the road leading to the theater and watching as the cars–one by one, then three by three, and finally ten by ten–began arriving for our debut.

It was thrilling.

By the time everybody gathered, the place was full, the movie was screened, the energy was supreme and the human interaction of joy and fellowship that followed was the definition of what our lives should truly be.

I will never forget that box-office moment, when the people poured out of the theater, some in tears, some laughing, some grumpy (maintaining their nature) but all aware that they had broken down their barriers, and allowed themselves, for a brief moment, to truly be brothers and sisters.


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